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07 Sep 2017

We are Merging and Changing our Name

Two powerhouses merge bringing business success to the south-eastern suburbs…

Business coaching has developed into a “must have” for any business owner seeking success.

It is with a sense of excitement that I announce that the 2 most successful and longest standing business coaching firms in the south east suburbs have merged to provide a full service coaching program that will help any SME take business to the next level.

Outcomes Business Group and Excel Biz Group are seen as market leaders in the business coaching arena. Both companies have delivered small and medium business coaching services to the south east suburbs of Melbourne  for over 15 years.

With a total of 9 highly experienced business coaches collaborating in a quest to provide the most progressive, results oriented business coaching program in Australia, the merged firm, trading as Outcomes Business Group, is able to offer the local business community a substantial boost.

As the firm will offer a range of one-on-one coaching programs, group programs, seminars and workshops, there will be several avenues for business owners to improve their knowledge and skills, and grow their businesses. The firm operates out of newly opened offices, with all the necessary facilities to offer a modern and stimulating experience.

By combining business coaching, business skills training, and mastermind groups, the team at Outcomes Business Group is poised to make a significant impact on the local business community.

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We are offering our community the opportunity to access Outcomes Business Group online

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In this on line series you will learn the 9 steps to get;

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For more information please contact Outcomes Business Group

05 Sep 2017

What it takes to win more sales

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak: courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen…..Winston Churchill

In business one of the greatest strengths we can develop is the ability to listen.

It is listening that wins far more sales than speaking.

Your prospect will almost always give you the need that they are desperate to satisfy if you will only focus on asking appropriate questions and then take the time to really listen to the answers.

Remember two ears and one mouth….use them in proportion!

Another factor with listening, this is when we have the opportunity to learn. Learning is when we gain the opportunity to take our business to the next level; and there is always another level to attain; no matter how successful you think you currently are. Businesses are either growing or dying but never ever standing still.

How many business owners have you seen who are trying to keep their business at the current level only to look back a few years down the track to discover that their business was in fact declining? This is when we get the excuses….it was the GFC; you don’t understand how tough it has been in retailing, manufacturing etc.

The real issue is change.

We have the choice to change or be changed. If you choose to proactively change then you will need more knowledge and this is where listening becomes critical.

05 Sep 2017

Why you should spend money to save time

Why is it that wealthy people spend money to save time whilst others spend time to save money…..Wayne Gillan

Ever thought about how we can always make more money but we can never make more time

and guess what…….time is running out!!!!

 We all have the same 165 hours per week (doesn’t matter if we are a billionaire or a bankrupt). Why then do some people do much more and achieve far more with the amount of time available?

Why is it that in business many owners spend all that time IN the business doing what they could employ others to do and not spend time ON their business where it is more difficult to employ others to do your work

In many businesses the ON the business functions get far too little time spent on them as the owners is way too busy in the business doing the things that we can readily employ people to do. But then again aren’t we spending time to save money?

When you find yourself working after hours and at weekends, are you putting that extra time into the ON the business things (planning, systemising, improving etc..) or are you spending the time just keeping up?

What would happen if you actually spent that time ON the business? Is it likely you would see vast improvements? Hmmm…..isn’t that interesting!

Where would Richard Branson be spending the majority of his time? It is no wonder that he achieves far greater results with his 165 hours and it would appear has a far more thrilling and satisfying lifestyle than most small to medium business owners. 

Remember…..Success leaves clues!

05 Sep 2017

Invest in Sales Training and People

Why is that large business invests enormous resources into Sales Management and Training to drive sales growth yet Small Business rarely invests in sales training and management yet still expects to deliver significant sales growth…………Wayne Gillan

It is interesting to review the organisation of large businesses and to study the levels of sales management that are in place to drive sales performance. Most of the large sales teams have a dedicated sales training group.

Why do they dedicate these resources and even maintain them when the organisation goes through a cost cutting exercise and retrenches many positions? The reason is that they realise that sales and sales growth drive profits and profit growth. It seems quite simple…attract the best sales people; manage them well, hold them accountable and them continuously train them to improve their skills particularly as the business environment gets more and more competitive so that profits grow.

“Sales and sales growth drive profits and profit growth”

Why then does small business invest little or sometimes even no resources into sales training and very little effort into sales management? Could it be that the skills are not available for particularly sales management (often the best or longest serving sales person becomes the sales manager but has little experience in actual sales management)?

The key must be to seek out professional sales training for the sales team and the sales manager and watch your sales grow!

05 Sep 2017

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear………Mark Twain

For many business owners, these are fearful times! Fear can often paralyse us where we avoid making critical decisions and executing in a timely manner.

How many business owners are waiting for signs of change in the economic cycle prior to making critical decisions?  Invariably the time is now to make the decision whilst others are “thumb sucking” being paralysed from making the critical decisions and invoking the actions they must implement to move forward.

This is exactly the time to ramp up your marketing efforts, up skill your team to improve their effectiveness (particularly in relation to sales) and ultimately recruit your winning team. Following on from that is where you will gather an increasing market share which you will retain when the economy moves through to the next cycle and your business will boom.

22 Aug 2017

The biggest risk you can take is to take no risk at all!

We live in a world of constant change. In fact, the rate of change is ever increasing. The things that we used to be able to rely on and that gave us success, no longer seem to work, or don’t work as effectively as they used to.

The biggest risk that we can take therefore is to be a “stagnant” company who takes no risk in the belief that therefore they cannot fail. The big challenge here is that those that fail to change have already failed.

Jack Welch; the legendary CEO of General Electric probably put it best when he said;

“If the rate of change outside of your business is greater than the rate of change within your business then you are on the way down”.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of not proactively seeking change opportunities in the belief that you are minimising risk.

08 Aug 2017

Goals that are SMART will hit the MARK

Goals that are SMART

Now everyone has heard that setting goals are an essential ingredient towards attaining success, haven’t they?

What about when goals are set where there is no clear path towards achieving those goals? Are they motivating and inspiring or do they just serve no purpose.

Imagine you are currently driving a beat up old Toyota and are finding it challenging to meet your day to day cost of living. You then set a goal to drive a Ferrari. Is there any way that you will “buy into” that goal? The challenge is that it is very difficult to see around corners and the move from an old Toyota to a brand new Ferrari requires you to see around the corner.

What if you set a goal to upgrade to a new Toyota? Would it be possible to map a path towards that goal that you could see as achievable (in your current mindset) such that you would be inspired to work towards that goal? Perhaps once this goal has been achieved then you could reset towards a more expensive car (assuming that was what got you excited and motivated) and draft a plan or series of actions that would deliver that goal.

The thing with goals is that for the process to deliver real benefits it must be exciting (emotion created) for the goal setter that inspires action. It is the only action that will deliver goals. Goals set too high that the goal setter cannot see the plan to deliver usually only demotivate and therefore fail to inspire action and therefore never seem to be achieved.

Start setting SMART goals; that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based.

Stop hoping and start planning today!


07 Aug 2017

Why Embracing Change is the Key to Success

Why does change take so long?

Have you ever spoken to people who claim to love change but never seem to really change? Many will not accept any advice that does not come from their industry. Whilst experience is often a great teacher, at other times it ensures that current practices are firmly entrenched and change is avoided. Have you noticed the almost hysterical reaction to the entry of Amazon.

“Have you noticed the almost hysterical reaction to the entry of Amazon”

Whilst experience is often a great teacher, at other times it ensures that current practices are firmly entrenched and change is avoided. Have you noticed the almost hysterical reaction to the entry of Amazon to the Australian retail market? Many leading figures in the retail industry are running commentary detailing how hard it will be for Amazon to quickly establish themselves in this market. I have yet to see any detailed analysis of the strategies employed by Amazon to revolutionise the retail industry overseas. How did they achieve success? Where did they face major challenges or fail? It seems that most successful enterprises have failed many times and have implemented change strategies to overcome those failures. In fact, failure is necessary to ensure success; failure is merely a learning exercise to ensure you can identify the critical factors for success and avoid the distractions.


“It seems that most successful enterprises have failed many times and have implemented change

strategies to overcome those failures”

It is interesting when change is studied. The actions to implement change are usually very quick. It is the decision to change that takes time. It seems that we are mostly trying to stay within our comfort zone as change and the expansion of our comfort zone seems scary. By ensuring we only take advice from within our industry and do not actively seek out broader views then we perceive comfort and not need to change. Eventual, y circumstances conspire to force change and when the change has been implemented we wonder why we did not make the change much earlier. What would happen if we proactively sought out greater knowledge and broader perspectives? Could we become the change leader and enjoy the success that can only come with changing to something better? Does failure to change ever result in a better situation in the long term.


01 Aug 2017

It’s Better to be Moving Forward than Standing Still

Making everything okay!

There are three problems with freedom:



And so, when it’s our turn we take a pass. It’s far more reliable to stay where we are than it is to leap, to jump to a new place different from the one we’re in.

But there’s an alternative. The alternative is to assume yes (and) no. To bet on failure (and) not failure. To realise there’s a third state, the state of not knowing, of not landing, of not yet.

Not everything has to be okay.

Perhaps it might be better for everything to be moving.

Moving forward, with generosity. Moving forward, with a willingness to live with the tension. Moving forward, learning as you go.

The person who fails the most, wins.

………..Seth Godin “What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and its always your turn)”


18 Jul 2017

Make Leaps in your Business by Investing in your Growth

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest………………Benjamin Franklin

We are in the midst of the knowledge age. The most successful businesses right now are in the business of knowledge transfer. This means that information which leads to knowledge is readily available.

The easiest way to get a competitive edge in business is to ensure you and your team know more. Once your group knows more then it is relatively easy to gain a competitive advantage as you have established uniqueness or your “unique selling proposition” which means you no longer have to compete merely on price.

Another advantage is that a knowledgeable team is generally a more enthusiastic team and enthusiasm is infectious leading to exceptional customer service and greater differentiation and business success.

To stop growing is going against the force of nature. Keep investing in your own personal growth Journey to ensure you have the right knowledge to compete in this new era of Business