Invest in Sales Training and People

Invest in Sales Training and People

Why is that large business invests enormous resources into Sales Management and Training to drive sales growth yet Small Business rarely invests in sales training and management yet still expects to deliver significant sales growth…………Wayne Gillan

It is interesting to review the organisation of large businesses and to study the levels of sales management that are in place to drive sales performance. Most of the large sales teams have a dedicated sales training group.

Why do they dedicate these resources and even maintain them when the organisation goes through a cost cutting exercise and retrenches many positions? The reason is that they realise that sales and sales growth drive profits and profit growth. It seems quite simple…attract the best sales people; manage them well, hold them accountable and them continuously train them to improve their skills particularly as the business environment gets more and more competitive so that profits grow.

“Sales and sales growth drive profits and profit growth”

Why then does small business invest little or sometimes even no resources into sales training and very little effort into sales management? Could it be that the skills are not available for particularly sales management (often the best or longest serving sales person becomes the sales manager but has little experience in actual sales management)?

The key must be to seek out professional sales training for the sales team and the sales manager and watch your sales grow!

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