"Why settle for good when you can be great?"

You may have a good mature business but are having challenges taking the business to the next level or maybe you are having difficulty selling your business. Perhaps you are an owner operator wanting some ideas on how to grow a team and create leverage in your business. Whatever your situation we can assist you to expand, consolidate, prepare your business for sale or succession.

Businesses are like relationships.  Over time things can go wrong and this can wear you down, diminishing the love you felt initially.

Maybe it is time to get a new perspective by finding someone who can bring new energy and ideas to the table. Someone  to support you while you take the plunge into the big unknown

You don’t always know what you don’t know.  Sometimes it’s impossible to see solutions that are often right in front of you. This happens when you are too close to the business and you may not have been paying attention to what other solutions may be available in the new big bold world of business. The only constant in business is changing. If the rate of change in the marketplace exceeds the rate of change inside your business then you are going backward.

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting back to basics like focussing on the important things and maximising potential from the low hanging fruit before embarking on new innovations.

Every business is unique but also the same in some respects. The 4 common areas to all business are.  1.

The 4 common areas to all business are.  1.

Money…revenue and cash flow

Time…the time you spend working in the business and not on the business….

The Team……ensuring your team are productive and that you have sufficient leadership skills to manage them effectively.

Succession Planning …..What does your business look like at the end of the game?

At Excel BizGroup, we are in the business of business.  You may be a butcher, baker, candle stick maker, whatever your trade or professional generally that is not where your require assistance. You will be an expert in that.  We have worked with 100’s of business’s over 13 years and have seen it all. Our business coaches collectively have over 100 years of business experience to share with you. So you see, we have well developed and tested skills in transforming business owners and they, in turn, transform their business from good the great!   Our job is to teach and inspire you to greatness.

We have worked with some business owners who have thought that they want to sell their business but after putting in some new strategies and direction they again feel energised,  passionate and in control, indeed seem to have ‘fallen in love’ with their business all over again.

We work with business owners who are passionate and  willing to do whatever it takes to make a change to their business so they can achieve the lifestyle and or outcomes they desire for their business, themselves and their family

They often keep repeating what they have done in the past to garner success, but these processes and strategies are no longer effective. That’s where engaging an experienced Excel BizGroup Mentor to provide support and mentoring can aid you to reach your personal and business goals. Our strategies and methods have proved successful for hundreds of our clients.

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