Excel BizGroup is a business mentoring firm based in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs servicing the local area for the past 12 years.

Wayne Gillian is an award winning business mentor having won a number of international business coaching awards. He has passed his winning approach onto his team of professional Mentors. Collectively our mentors have in excess of 100 years of business experience ranging from small business, SME’s and corporate.

We are committed to working together with you to transform your business results. We achieve this firstly by taking a microscopic look at your business and examining the sales, cash flow, marketing, management and your team. We then take a close look at the numbers to determine where savings can be made to release funds from your business so that it can be redirected into more profit creating activities. We then prioritise actions depending on your business goals and objectives.

Our Team


Director and Principle Mentor

Wayne’s experience ranges from high-end corporate management to being an owner of many successful small businesses. As the founder of Excel BizGroup in 2004, he has spent the past 12 years applying his proven business formula to 100’s of Melbourne businesses across all industries. With Wayne’s mentoring many clients have quadrupled their profits, built high performing teams and learned how to work on their business to regain control of their lives. “Mentoring is the most rewarding business experience I’ve had,” Wayne says. “There is nothing more satisfying than helping a business owner streamline their processes and watch the profits start magnifying.”


Senior Mentor

Edy has been working in business for almost 30 years and has an incomparable energy when it comes to helping businesses change their game. He was struggling with his first Business until he engaged a business mentor who helped him turn the business around and supported him through the acquisition and successful sale of a number of businesses.  He brings this passion and knowledge to his mentoring programs. He partners with business owners to step beyond their comfort zone and make the changes necessary to create success in their business that they only dreamed of.  He starts by helping clients articulate their business dreams, then mentors and motivate them on the Excel BizGroup programs. He works with businesses to increase Productivity, train People and improve Profit. Within five minutes of meeting Edy you’ll have changed your whole outlook on business (and life!).


Marketing Manager/Client Consultant

Kris has a wealth of experience in Sales, Business Development, and Marketing. Over the past 20 years, she has helped many businesses to grow and prosper. Her passion for seeing businesses and people flourish is unmatched. Her broad experience at the grass roots level lets her be of great support to many clients who need assistance with their marketing and sales strategies. Kris is able to make her clients feel safe and confident allowing them to move beyond their comfort zone to change their business results. As a qualified trainer with a wealth of experience in training sales teams across a number of industries, Kris understands that people learn in different ways and always works within the capacity of the individuals she is mentoring.

Nigel Letty

Senior Business Mentor and Consultant

His very diligence and hard work ethos helped him take his brand from a single store to a national network of 14 retail stores. With 35 years’ experience in businesses spanning across manufacturing, importing, distribution and retail, Nigel has a rare combination of skills and experience that allows him to transform businesses. Nigel has a real knack for establishing strong processes and operating systems, along with targeted training and marketing plans. However, the thing that sets him apart is his unwavering passion for being the best in any business.

Ray Strongman

Senior Mentor

Ray specializes in working with hands-on business owners such as ‘Tradies’. His knowledge and skills is especially effective to those who need to spend more time ‘off the tools’ so that they can work on growing and increasing the profitability of their business. Ray has owned businesses from Restaurants to Entertainment Venues; giving him a broad wealth of experience. He has over 10 years of experience as a business mentor; working with 100’s of businesses across nearly every industry. Ray’s committed to his clients and will go beyond what is expected as he possesses a genuine interest in every client’s welfare; typical of his caring and supportive nature.