Recruit the best team members and serve your target market
So what’s next when you feel that you’ve succeeded in your current business, but feel you’re ready for more?

Often business owners want to consider alternatives which may include an additional store, a branch interstate, or even franchising. While these may be fantastic opportunities to grow a business there are a number of pitfalls for the entrepreneur that doesn’t invest appropriately.

At Excel BizGroup we have had success working with retailers to massively impact their sales and marketing strategies to grow profits. By aiding in creating a new business multi-store or franchise model, and by evaluating the potential returns; we can help to improve the ease of implementation and the opportunity for greater profits.

We understand that challenges like Human Resourcing, System Scalability, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Leverage and/or the impact of the business climate can all have a real effect on your success.

With a collective of 25 years in retail, franchising and multi-store models we can help to overcome these issues and guide you to understand the critical factors. We will work with you on your unique selling proposition, size and demand of the market, trends that have aided your company to succeed and how to take advantage of this when up-scaling your operations.

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