Complement your trade skills and gain real performance from your business

Becoming a Trades professional requires undertaking an apprenticeship where the apprentice learns from a master tradesman the skills of their profession. Once qualified, the tradesman works on perfecting their skills to become an expert in their field. Once expert status has been achieved, often the person decides to go into business for themselves. Usually they have a few contacts to get them started, and through word of mouth they get busier and find themselves employing others.

The challenge is that the key skills now required are business management orientated rather than the trade skills they have mastered. Often at this point the business owner decides to reduce the size of the business as all they gained from getting bigger was headaches and not the additional profit they were seeking. The opportunity at this point is to add business management skills to complement their trade skills; as this is where real success can be realised.

There are laws requiring trades people to gain formal qualifications. If there was no training its possible a few houses may get burnt down whilst you learn how be a good electrician. You must be taught by a master (i.e. complete an apprenticeship plus other qualifications). Why is it that business owners underestimate the importance of learning the skills to run a business? This essentially means it is okay to lose your house through business failure but not okay through lack of trade knowledge.

At Excel BizGroup we work with tradies to complement their trade skills and teach them the key skills required to gain real performance from their business. This partnering arrangement has consistently produced great results.

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