Develop your sales processes and achieve great results
At Excel BizGroup, we are experts at developing sales systems/processes that can be easily taught to your sales team.

We understand the processes required to effectively manage your capital, along with exchange rate risk in order to produce profits and greater levels of customer service without running out of cash. These new skills coupled with skills in marketing strategy is why we have achieved great results with our importing, wholesaling and distributing clients.

Importers/Wholesalers tend to have many unique requirements for success. Whilst sales and “sell through” are critical factors, there are many more. Businesses in this industry tend to be very capital hungry and therefore require critical skills in this area.

Many of these businesses do not get maximum return across all their product lines and therefore marketing skills and planning are also critical to ensure product mix to sell through. Often businesses in this industry enjoyed great success in their early times as the business owner was extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the initial products/range and used passion to gain sales. Sales were produced by the business owner having all the incentive to work longer and harder on their sales efforts coupled with their passion. As the business becomes more successful and expands, it requires more sales people. For some reason these people just did not deliver anything like the results the business owner achieved. The business owner was at a loss to explain why.

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