Why you should spend money to save time

Why you should spend money to save time

Why is it that wealthy people spend money to save time whilst others spend time to save money…..Wayne Gillan

Ever thought about how we can always make more money but we can never make more time

and guess what…….time is running out!!!!

 We all have the same 165 hours per week (doesn’t matter if we are a billionaire or a bankrupt). Why then do some people do much more and achieve far more with the amount of time available?

Why is it that in business many owners spend all that time IN the business doing what they could employ others to do and not spend time ON their business where it is more difficult to employ others to do your work

In many businesses the ON the business functions get far too little time spent on them as the owners is way too busy in the business doing the things that we can readily employ people to do. But then again aren’t we spending time to save money?

When you find yourself working after hours and at weekends, are you putting that extra time into the ON the business things (planning, systemising, improving etc..) or are you spending the time just keeping up?

What would happen if you actually spent that time ON the business? Is it likely you would see vast improvements? Hmmm…..isn’t that interesting!

Where would Richard Branson be spending the majority of his time? It is no wonder that he achieves far greater results with his 165 hours and it would appear has a far more thrilling and satisfying lifestyle than most small to medium business owners. 

Remember…..Success leaves clues!

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