Learn to build your emotional intelligence
Ever wondered why some people work better in certain job functions than others? Why are some people easier for you to communicate with than others, whilst other people seem not to have the same challenge?

In this workshop you will learn to build your emotional intelligence (EQ) by better understanding yourself and how you are perceived by others. Additionally develop an understanding of how other people think, behave and react in the way that they do.

Why do you need to adapt your sales presentation and style for the various customer prospects you deal with? DISC is a psychometric tool that goes a long way towards explaining this; imagine how much more powerful your sales activities, your recruitment process, and communication in your company could be once you gain an understanding of these behaviour types.

You will learn how to predict various behaviour types and how to adapt accordingly. This is one tool you have to have in your business toolkit. This powerful information will provide to you the secrets to becoming a stronger leader, a better communicator and help you to develop your dynamic team. Which is Essential for all business owners, managers and team members.

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