Sales Talk: the ultimate guide to make you boost profits
Sales professionals understand – it is not the “gift of the gab” that makes for sales success and revenue growth, but the “gift of listening”.

We all have two ears and one mouth… use them in proportion. Understanding this insight allows us to transition from the hard selling process or “product flogging” and start asking relevant questions in order to build trust and rapport with prospective customers quickly. In doing this, we can rapidly uncover their real needs and drivers, and acknowledge this in the products we offer. This is the point when sales becomes really exciting.

When we use the relationship and the new found knowledge to actually solve customer problems to generate delighted customers.It is even better when these customers insist on referring us and our business to their friends and colleagues. Learn how to reduce sales resistance and grow sales acceptance so that your sales results improve massively. Find out how using structured questioning and active listening strategies produces real results and growth.

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