We offer a variety of workshops and training sessions for our clients and their staff. The sessions may be delivered in-house or there is the option to attend many of our open programs, where you can share experiences with our other business clients. This is a great opportunity to learn and also to network with other local business owners.

  • Profit booster – 6 steps to success
    Learn what it takes to grow and develop your business and take it to the next level.
  • High Achievers Program
    Join a small group of likeminded business owners and discover the power of applying financial mastery to your business.
  • Successful Selling Workshop
    Stop the hard selling process and start asking relevant questions in order to build trust and rapport with our prospect quickly.
  • Financial Mastery
    Financial mastery is one of the skills, capabilities and toolsets you must have in your business to be successful.
  • Attracting an A team
    Learn the unique process on how to attract "A" players and how to include your current team in the process so that it is time effective and fun.
  • Discover the secrets in your DISC Profile
    Learn to build your emotional intelligence (EQ) by better understanding yourself and how you are perceived by others, as well as how other people think and react.
  • How to build a dynamic, functional & successful team
    Learn how to build the dream team you have always wanted - we will go through strategies aimed at creating a team that works harder and smarter for the business
  • How to Write Ads that Sell
    There are a number of key elements which combined, go to making up a successful advertisement that results in sales enquiries.